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Engraver Options

Raster Braille Instertion Tool AUTOMATIC Raster™ BRAILLE INSERTION TOOL
The Raster™ Pen Braille insertion device is an option for all our CNC routers and for our 16 Series and 24 Series engravers. Vision-Pro software includes Braille fonts and is fully compatible with the Raster™ Method. Vision CNC machines allow precise placement of the Rasters™ (Braille beads), which are essential for shops producing ADA-compliant signage. The Raster™ Method of Braille insertion and Raster™ Pen are licensed, patented products owned by Accent Signage Systems, Inc. Minneapolis, MN.

Bracket for Braille Insertion Tool Bracket for Raster™ BRAILLE INSERTION TOOL
Easy to install bracket for the Raster™ Pen Braille insertion device.

Self Centereing Vise Deep for VE-810 Engraving Machine SELF-CENTERING DEEP VISE
This vise can be used with the VE-810XD and the VE-810 or the Phoenix 1212. The self-centering design allows easy setup of odd-shaped items up to 3 1/4" deep.

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Rotary Pen Fixture for Engraving Systems ENGRAVING HEAD
Choice of 1/4" or 11/64" top loading or optional collet spindle.

Rotary Pen Fixture for Engraving Systems PEN ROTARY ATTACHMENT
Now you're not just limited to engraving lengthwise on your pens, cigar holders, miniature baseball bats or other cylindrical item.
With the Pen Rotary Attachment, you can engrave around the entire circumference! Compatible with the Vision 1612, 1624, 2424, 2448, 2525 and 2550, it can hold items up to 1.25" in diameter and up to 7" in length.

Adjustable Pen Fixture
This piece of engraving equipment enables engraving on most sizes of pens and cylindrical items that vary in diameter from end to end. Available for most computerized engravers. It is also usable with the Versa Vise and Self-Centering Vise. Fits all T-slot tables.
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Dual Carriage Engraving Machine ENGRAVER DUAL CARRIAGE
Must be factory installed, and cannot be removed for single head engraving.

Gantry Risers for Engravign Machine24 RISER BLOCKS TO RAISE THE GANTRY
These riser blocks are designed to give your Vision-manufactured engraving table an additional 1 5/8" of clearance. The unit is sold as a kit and is easily user installed.

(Custom Heights Available - please call for more info)

Table Stands for Engraving Machines & CNC Router TABLE STAND
Heavy-duty stand with durable heavy duty casters, accommodates the 1612, 1624, 2424, 2448, Max or Max Pro.

Heavy Duty Casters For Engraving Machine and CNC Router Table Stands
HEAVY DUTY CASTERS (For table stands)

Diamond Drag adapter for Engraving Machines
The DIAMOND DRAG ADAPTER screws onto the end of almost any spindle and allows simple & solid mounting for diamond scratch engraving. Spindle bearing strain is eliminated using this device.
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Designed to assist in burnishing lacquered brass and anodized metals with just the right amount of pressure. Also used to mark glass. Available in 1/8”, 11/64”, 1/4”, 4mm and 6mm sizes.

Cutter Wrench for Engraving Machines CUTTER WRENCH
Durable aluminum handle “Vision” cutter wrench.
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Vacume Removal System for Engraving Machines & CNC Routers VACUUM CHIP REMOVAL SYSTEM
Quiet vacuum pump for removing engraving chips. The unit has a large filtered canister with replaceable collection bag. Includes vacuum nose cone and kink resistant hose.
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Vacume Removal Nosecones for Engraving Machine Spindles VACUUM CHIP REMOVAL NOSES
Designed for chip removal while doing cutouts. Nose is constructed of durable plastic. Vacuum tube allows for hookup to vacuum pump or shop vac.
(Inserts are changeable and/or replaceable)
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Belts For Engraving Machine Spindles MOTOR / SPINDLE BELTS
Available for all engraving machines. Belts are made of durable 1/8”urethane for long wear and better traction. Machine serial number required when purchasing to ensure correct belt is selected for machine.
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Accessory Strips ACCESSORY STRIP
Accessory Strip for all our Vision Engraving machines.
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Surface Sensor Kit 16 PRO Series
Surface Sensor Kit 16 PRO Series
For use with the 1612 or 1624 Engraver, new and older models.

Extended Service Agreement for Vision Engraving Machines & CNC Router
Protect your investment with an extended service plan before your warranty expires! Extended Service Plans cover the cost of service parts, labor, and annual preventive maintenance completed at the factory. For more information or to purchase a service plan, please call our technical support department at 602-439-0700.