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EXPRESS S5 Desktop Engraver
High-Quality Low-cost

• Includes full featured Vision Express Software
• Surprisingly Low Price!
• A limited 1-year warranty
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Express S5 Small Desktop Engraver Features

The Express S5 Engraver is an affordable entry level engraving machine that boasts big features in a compact footprint. Similar to its larger siblings the Express Engraver comes standard with many advanced features as well as the NEW V-Touch multi-functional touch screen. V-Touch Technology speeds up the engraving process allowing for a more intuitive user experience. Exclusive to Vision's engraving machines, V-Touch brings power to your fingertips! If you're looking for an affordable, high quality, entry level engraving machine then look no further than the Vision Express S5 Small Engraving Machine.

The ONLY Entry-Level Machine to Offer:

    • NEW V-Touch multi functional touch screen

    • Square linear bearings on all axes

    • 6" x 8" aluminum T-slot table

    • Adjustable edge guides

    • 11/64" spindle

    • Ethernet connection
Applications: Small Signs, Awards, Name Badges, Jewelry, Pet Tags, Industrial Plates, Plaques, ID Plates, Personalized Gifts and More!

Click here for a printable PDF overview sheet.

Vision's Express S5 Engraver is a high quality affordable engraving machine packed with over 40 years of industry leading innovation & technology!

Express S5 Small Desktop Engraver Specifications Chart

Software Vision Express standard (Expert or Pro optional)
Maximum Work Area 6" x 8"
Maximum size part 8" x any length
Z-Axis Stroke 1.25"
Spindle Type 11/64" top load
Table Type Aluminum T-slot
Interface Ethernet
Controller V Touch Technology
Warranty 1-Year Limited
Power Requirements 110/220V 5 Amp
Physical Dimensions 17.5"(W) x 17.5"(D) x 9.5"(H) 24lbs
Shipping Dimensions  23"(W) x 23"(D) x 19"(H) 52 lbs

Contact Vision Engraving & Routing Systems today to learn more about small engravers, get a price quote, request a free online demo, or call 1-888-637-1737.

Express S5 Small Desktop Engraver Accessories

Extended Service Agreement for Vision Engraveing Machines & CNC Router VISION EXTENDED WARRANTY PLANS
Protect your investment with an extended service plan before your warranty expires! Extended Service Plans cover the cost of service parts, labor, and annual preventive maintenance completed at the factory. For more information or to purchase a service plan, please call our technical support department at 602-439-0700.

Extended Warranty   Express
Multi Mat Holder For Engraving Machines & CNC Router MULTI MAT
Multi Mat eliminates the need for double stick tape, clamps, vacuum tables, and most other hold down methods on many engravable items. Multi Mat will hold most types of engraving stock, including brass, aluminum, plastic, and acrylic. Just press it into place on any size engraving table and you’re ready to go, and because Multi Mat is produced with a special rubber coating on both sides, it cleans easily for extended use. Multi Mat Buy Now
Wedge Clamp for Engraving Machine & CNC Router WEDGE CLAMP
Simply slide the clamp onto the T-slot table surface and position it over the edge of the engraving stock. The downward clamping force eliminates bowing and problems. This clamp can be used with material up to 1/4” thick. Fits all Vision T-slot tables.
Wedge Clamp Buy Now
Edge Clamp for Engraving Machines & CNC Routers EDGE CLAMP
This clamp is designed to secure engraving materials from the top surface and avoids bowing in most applications. This clamp will hold material thicknesses of .020, .032, .062, and .125 by rotating the clamp and tightening a thumbscrew. Fits all Vision T-slot tables. Edge Clamp Buy Now
Coner Clampe for Engraving Machines & CNC Routers CORNER CLAMP
This clamp is designed to hold down square or rectangular plates. By lining up the “V” cut-out of the clamp with the corner of the plate, the engraver is allowed maximum engraving space. It will accommodate material as thin as 1/32”. Fits all Vision T-slot tables. Corner Clamp Buy Now
Coner Clampe for Engraving Machines & CNC Routers SMALL SELF CENTERING VISE
For use with Express, VE810, Phoenix 1212, 1612 and the 1624
This fixture allows you to hold various small items such as nameplates. Dowel pin settings allow this item to work with most Vision fixtures for even more versatility.
Small Self Centering Vise Buy Now
Universal Clamping bars for Engraving Machines
Universal Clamping bars for Engraving Machines
These clamping bars hold small flat items, including name badges with pin backs, securely. By rotating the clamping bars they will hold 1 to 3 round objects at a time. This allows you to engrave multiple notary seals, coasters, paperweights, and a variety of other circular items. With a place for the “eye” of medallions, this clamp adapts to any vise or table that has a T-slot system.
Universal Clamping Bars w/Medallion Buy Now
Pen & Medalion Jig For Engraving Machines PEN & MEDALLION FIXTURE
This is a double-sided fixture that when turned in one direction accommodates a pen and when turned in the other direction accommodates a medallion, seal, or other circular item. With a space for the “eye” of the medallion, this fixture is usable with the Versa Vise or Quick-Lock vise. Fits all Vision T-slot tables.
Pen & Medallion Fixture Buy Now

Universal Push Down Clamps for Engraving Machine & CNC Router PUSH-DOWN CLAMP
This double-sided clamp secures items from the edge. It is ideal for items that are being cut, contoured, or engraved. Fits all Vision T-slot tables.
Push Down Clamp Buy Now
Universal Pin Jig for Engraving Machine UNIVERSAL PIN FIXTURES
Available for the Versa Vise, Quick-Lock Vise, Vision T-slot table, and Self-Centering Vise. These fixtures enable engraving on all unique-sized pens, lighters, knives, key-chains, and many other irregular-shaped items. Universal Pin Fixture Buy Now
Seal Engraving Jig for Engraving Machines SEAL FIXTURE
This fixture enables engraving on 1 5/8" & 2" diameter notary seals, medallions, coasters, paperweights, and other round objects. Can be used with the Quick-Lock or Versa Vise. Fits all Vision T-slot tables. Seal Fixture Buy Now
Quck Lock Vise for Engraving Machines & CNC Routersr QUICK-LOCK VISE
This vise is specifically designed for T-slot table users. Its “cam” type locking device allows for quick changing of parts. Supplied with a removable front clamping plate which allows for holding thicker items. Fits all Vision T-slot tables.
Quick-Lock Vise Buy Now
Diamond Drag adapter for Engraving Machines QUICK-LOCK LEATHER BRACELET AND KEYCHAIN VISE

This piece of engraving equipment is specifically made for engraving leather bracelets and keychains. Designed to work with any Vision T-slot Table, it features a removable front clamping plate with a "cam" type locking device.

Order bracelets and keychains at

Note: Design specific to be used with leather bracelets and keychains from

Quick-Lock Leather Bracelet and Keychain Vise Buy Now
Diamond Drag adapter for Engraving Machines DIAMOND DRAG ADAPTER
The DIAMOND DRAG ADAPTER screws onto the end of almost any spindle and allows simple & solid mounting for diamond scratch engraving. Spindle bearing strain is totally eliminated using this devices. Diamond Drag Adapter Buy Now
BURNISHING ASSISTORS for Engraving Machines
Designed to assist in burnishing lacquered brass and anodized metals with just the right amount of pressure. Also used to mark glass. Available in 1/8”, 11/64”, 1/4”, 4mm and 6mm sizes.
Burnishing Adapter Buy Now
Cutter Wrench for Engraving Machines CUTTER WRENCH
Durable aluminum handle “Vision” cutter wrench.
Cutter Wrench Buy Now

 Vacume Removal System for Engraving Machines & CNC Routers VACUUM CHIP REMOVAL SYSTEM
Quiet vacuum pump for removing engraving chips. The unit has a large filtered canister with replaceable collection bag. Includes vacuum nose cone and kink resistant hose.
Vacuum Chip Removal System Buy Now
Vacume RemovalNosecones for Engraving Machine Spindles VACUUM CHIP REMOVAL NOSES
Designed for chip removal while doing cutouts. Nose is constructed of durable plastic. Vacuum tube allows for hookup to vacuum pump or shop vac.
Vacuum Chip Removal Noses Buy Now

(Inserts are changeable and/or replaceable)

Large opening style is designed for engraving large letters.

Small opening is designed for tight places and small letters.
Belts For Engraving Machine Spindles
Made of durable 1/8”urethane for long wear and better traction. Minimum purchase of 2 belts required when ordering. Call to purchase.

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