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Vision's CNC routers are known for American-made rugged reliability. Ideal for serious production shops, our CNC machines do precise, repeatable work, so you can capitalize on single or large-run jobs & projects. Featuring our NEW V-Touch Pendant, advanced Vision software & the availability of small to large machines, Vision has a solution for all your CNC routing needs!

Increase capabilities with our many machine options. Our Rotary Attachment allows you to engrave cylindrical items up to 10" in diameter. Deep engrave in stainless steel with the NSK high-speed spindle & Unist misting system. Work with semi-rigid materials, such as foam board, rubber, and more with our Oscillating Knife!

1624R CNC Router 1624R CNC Router • 16" x 24" Aluminum T-slot Table

• Huge capabilities in a small footprint

NEW V-Touch Pendant
2525 CNC Router 2525 CNC Router • 25" x 25" Aluminum T-slot Table

• Heavy-duty extruded gantry (7" clearance)

NEW V-Touch Pendant
2550 CNC Router 2550 CNC Router • 25" x 50" Aluminum T-slot Table

• Available in a Vacuum Table Model

NEW V-Touch Pendant
2550 CNC Router VR48 CNC Router • 4' x 8' Routing Area

• Available in a Aluminum T-slot Table or Vacuum Table Model

NEW V-Touch Pendant