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Use your section 179 tax deduction to get you Vision Engraver or CNC Router today.
Proudly Made In The USA!
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Vision Engraving & Routing Systems


Attention: Section 179* Deduction is available to US Customers Only. To qualify for the Section 179* Deduction you must purchase a VISION Machine & put it to use by Dec 31, 2022.

Section 179 of the revised IRS tax code could offer HUGE BENEFITS to your business.

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For more information on Section 179 consult your tax consultant.

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Why Vision?
"Because of its ease of use, we have been able to eliminate the need for 2 other older engraving machines. Additionally, the Vision System was lower in price compared to many others systems on the market. Before you do anything else - be sure to take a serious look at Vision. You won't be disappointed."
-- Don E, Engrave USA / Estes Machine Products, Inc.

"Our Vision engraver has allowed us to support our project needs in ways our management could not have foreseen. We think it is the best thing since sliced bread."
-- Don Powers, UMCDF

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*This communication is provided as general reference only, contains a partial overview of certain sections of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the "code"), and is not intended to be a detailed discussion of the depreciation rules or any other provision of the code. Nothing herein constitutes any tax, accounting, or legal advice, and it cannot be used or relied upon to avoid any penalties that may be imposed under US Federal Tax Laws. You should consult your own independent tax, accounting and/or legal advisors for advice that is based upon your particular circumstances.
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Tag and Plate Engraving

Custom Signage

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VR48 4'x8' CNC Router Video

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