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Why Do A Vision Machine Demo?
A Vision Machine Demo lets you see a machine in action, live in real time! This allows you to make an educated decision when purchasing a Vision system. You can choose the Vision machine of your choice, doing an application of your choice. All you need is a computer and high speed Internet connection and you can watch a live online demo from the comfort of your home or office. Because it's live you can ask question and immediately get answers. At the end of your demo, you will know if a Vision CNC router or Engraver will work for your needs.

2550 CNC RouterNEW 2550 S5 CNC Router/Engraver
• NEW V-Touch Pendant multi function touch screen
• Aluminum 25" x 50" T-slot table
• Red Laser Pointer for easy job set-up
• 2-year warranty

• Optional Automatic Rasters™ Braille Inserter
• Made In the USA


1612 ProNEW Express S5 Engraver
• NEW V-Touch multi functional touch screen
• Aluminum 6" x 8" T-slot table
• Red Laser Pointer for easy job set-up
• 11/64" spindle
• Square linear bearings on all axes
• 1-year warranty
• Ethernet connection
• Made In the USA


braille_penDimensional Letters
• Easily make custom dimensional letters
• Work with metal, wood, plastic and more
• Rotary Systems allows you to work with thick materials

Watch our Dimensional Letter Sign Video


braille_penDirectional Signage
• Create easy to understand Directional Signage
• Work with metal, wood, plastic, and more
• Graphically advanced Vision software allows you
  to create professional custom directional signage

Watch our Directional Sign Video



braille_penDACS (Digitally Aligned Cutting System)
For Beautiful Print-To-Cut Applications
DACS, an alignment tool which provides perfect
print-to-cut registration for our routing machines.
This easy-to-use system requires minimal training and setup time, and is the most cost-effective, accurate solution for improving digital finishing.

Watch our DACS Print-To-Cut Video


braille_penAutomatic Raster™ Braille Inserter
• Place Rasters™(Braille beads) with correct   spacing
• Vision-Pro software includes Braille fonts &
   is fully compatible w/ the Raster™ Method
• Vision machinery allows precise placement
  of the Rasters™ (Braille beads)

Watch our ADA Braille Sign Video


Vision's NEW Oscillating Knife Oscillating Knife Option:
• Work with a variety of materials which include but not
  limited to Graphic Foam Boards, Closed Cell Foam,
  Plastic-Covered Foam, Corrugated Cardboard and
  Plastic, Gasket Materials, Rubber, Cork, Carpet, Felt
  and other Single-ply Cloth or fabric, Vinyl, Leather,
  and more.
Video Oscillating Knife Graphic Foamcore Cut-Out

We have a variety of systems to choose from!
Engraving Machines

Why a Vision System?:

    Offering a solid line up of machines to choose from:
    Our systems come with industry leading features at competitive prices! We have Machine ranging in size from 2.5” x 6” up to 4' x 8'

    Proudly Manufacturing in the USA for Over 37 Years:
    We build quality made precision machines with a proven track record, you can be confident when buying a Vision system!

    USA based knowledgeable tech support team:
    Based in our manufacturing building - machines, parts, technical engineers and more are readily available to assist in resolving any question or problems if needed.

    Join over 25,000 satisfied customers And Growing:
    With the most rugged and reliable low maintenance system in the market, our customer base can't help but grow! Many of our original systems are still in use today.

What Customers Are Saying About Their Vision

The Vision machines can handle any type of sign that you need"
Click Here to watch testimonial video
--Paul Spence, American Hotel Register, Vernon Hills, IL

"Thank you so much, the new controller works great. It's great to do business with a company that backs their product. You truly understand customer service. Thanks again."
-- Robert Atwell, Cavanaugh Press

"We think it is the best thing since sliced bread."
--Mike Wall, SignAge

"With most machines there is always some letdown when it won't do something that we expected it to. We have not had this with our engraver. Thanks so much for such a good product."
--Warren Casteel, Casteel & Associates, Inc

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