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IMTS 2014 Show Recap
Tutorial: Common Shortcut or Hot Keys
Tutorial: Fishing Pole Holder

Featured Video: 1/2" Thick Aluminum
Featured Machine: VR48 CNC Router
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IMTS Show 2014 Recap!
The International Manufacturing Technology Show or IMTS was a great place for Vision to show how versatile our equipment line is. From making small ID tags and parts marking to display panels and deep metal engraving, Vision was able to show manufacturers how they can free up their expensive machining centers by off-loading the serial number marking portion of their process onto a Vision CNC Engraver. Visitors to our booth were given demonstrations in “Deep Metal” engraving, serialization capabilities, as well as machine ID tag engraving. The Vision VE810 was set with an ID type tag that had several fields of information filled out. The 1624R Router was outfitted with a specialty fixture, that held about 40 parts. With the Unist misting system keeping the tooling cool, we engraved as deep as 0.020” inches into aluminum parts for visitors to have, as reminders of what Vision can really assist them with. We are very pleased with the response from our being at IMTS, and we hope to see everyone again at IMTS 2016 in Chicago.

Tutorial: Common Shortcut or Hot Keys in the Vision Software

Shortcuts or Hot Keys are key combinations on the keyboard that when pressed perform certain functions in the software. For instance, pressing the control button and the "A" button at the same time will perform the "Select All" function selecting everything on the workspace. This is commonly written in shorthand as CTRL+A. Shortcuts make navigating through the Vision software faster. Below is a list of commonly used shortcuts in the Vision software.

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Fishing Rod Holder

Tutorial: How to Make a Fishing Pole Holder on the 2550 CNC Router / Engraver

Check out this tutorial on how to make a Fishing Pole Holder on the Vision 2550 CNC Rotor / Engraver using Marine Grade HDPE, also known as Starboard® or Seaboard®. HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) has the ability to withstand the effects of salt water, and direct sunlight making it a highly used material in the boat and marine industry. HDPE is also one of the many materials that can be easily machined with a Vision system.

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Video: Deep Engraving & Routing on
1/2 Inch Thick Aluminum

Watch this 1/2" thick aluminum deep engraving and routing video on our 2550 CNC Router / Engraver. The rugged reliability and quality of Vision's rotary machines allow it to tackle a variety of metal applications. From precision metal marking to thick metal cutting Vision has an affordable CNC solution to meet your needs!

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Featured Machine: VR48 CNC Router / Engraver

The VR48 CNC Router / Engraver is a large heavy-duty router that can produce accurate, repeatable, cost-effective work in considerably less time than it takes to do the same work by hand. Featuring a 4' x 8' work area the VR48 is ideal for large run or large size jobs. The VR48 is also perfect for a wide variety of applications including milling, drilling, contouring, cutting engraving and routing.

VR48 CNC Router / Engraver Features


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"Anyone come across a glass that is TOO HARD to engrave? No matter how I set my machine, including downward screw force, the diamond just slides over the glass and only engraves in a few odd places."

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Our Customers' Testimonials

"My VE 810 is the greatest asset in my shop. I can engrave things that I was not able to before. The options I have are far more then I could imagine before I have gotten this engraver. I have done several jobs since I bought this engraver and the durability my V810 is outstanding. I love how easy it is to run for someone who is just getting into the technical side of the business. I would buy this product again."

--Lisa Evans, Trimline Trophies

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