Express Small Engraver

The High-Quality Low-Cost Engraving Machine!

What makes the Vision Express the Best Entry Level, Small Engraver?

  • Entry level easy to use machine with 6" x 8" work area
  • Includes full featured Vision Express Software, multi-mat, .015 FLX cutter, and a non-rotating diamond engraver
  • Work with Metal, Plastic, Glass, Wood & Leather
  • Little to no maintenance required
  • Join over 25,000 customers who trust Vision for their engraving needs
  • Vision has been manufacturing quality made engraving machines in the USA for more than 35 years

The ONLY Entry-Level Engraver With Expert Features:

    Square Linear Bearings On All Axes:
    Usually found on bigger systems, allowing for a more stable and accurate movement for precise quality engraving

    3"Second Maximum Feed Rate:
    The Express engraver is the fastest and strongest entry level machine on the market.

    Heavy-Duty Aluminum T-slot Table:
    Allows you to use many of the standard clamp and fixture accessories to hold down the material being engraved.

    Adjustable Edge Guides:
    For easier placement and set-up of the material being engraved

    11/64" Spindle:
    Allows you to use a standard set of cutting tools that are readily available in a variety of choices.

    Ethernet Connection:
    Is a faster, more stable connection technology over USB and is ideal for running multiple machines.

    Made In The USA:
    Proudly Made In America by American Hands. We have been manufacturing engraving machines in the USA for over 35 years!

    We have a variety of machines to meet your needs & budget:
    Engraving Machines

Plastic Engraving - Small Valve Tags

Making small red plastic valve tags, used for identification of valves with engraved id information.

Plastic Valve Tag Video

Metal Engraving - Serial Tag

Etch or scratch engraving a metal ID tag with serial numbers and other critical information.

Metal Serial Tag Video

Leather Engraving - Bracelets

Custom engraved leather bracelets using the Quick-Lock Leather Bracelet & Keychain Vise.

Leather Bracelet Video

Express Engraving MachineProjects

Here are just a few examples of what you can make with a Vision Express Small Engraving Machine!

What applications can you make and materials you can work with on a Vision Engraving System? Metal, Wood, Plastic, Leather, Glass, Custom Signage, Electrical Tags, Name Plates, Legend Plates, Control Panels, Jewelry, Gift Personalization, Asset Management, Parts Serialization, Parts Marking, Cut-Outs, Parts Fabrication and More!

"The Vision System was lower in price compared to many others systems on the market. Before you do anything else - be sure to take a serious look at Vision. You won't be disappointed."

Don E, Engrave USA / Estes Machine Products, Inc

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Vision Engraving & Routing Systems, has been manufacturing high quality affordable engraving machines, CNC routers & accessories in the USA for over 35 years.

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With over 35 years of experience manufacturing engraving machines and CNC routers, and with many of our original machines still in use today, you can be confident when buying a Vision. What sets Vision apart from the competition is that we build reliable, low-maintenance systems, packed with the industry-leading features, offer at a competitive price.

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