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NEW 1624R Small CNC Router / Engraver
Huge Capabilities! Small Footprint!

    • Variety of Router Options to Maximize Capabilities
    • 16" x 24" Routing Area
    • Red Laser Pointer For Easy Job Preview
    • 2 Years Limited Warranty
    • Proudly Made in the USA!

" the Vision System was lower in price compared to many others
systems on the market. Before you do anything else - be sure to
take a serious look at Vision. You won't be disappointed."
- Don E, Estes Machine Products, Inc

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1624R Small CNC Routing Machine

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Vision's 1624R CNC Router is a small size system with multiple spindle and router options, giving it all the capabilities of a larger size machine but in a small footprint. Featuring our next generation Series 4 Controller w/ hand-held pendant and our graphically advanced Vision PRO software, this machine is perfect for a wide variety of applications including milling, drilling, contouring, routing and engraving. Contact us today to learn more about our NEW 1624R CNC Router!

1624R CNC Router Options:
  • ¼ HP Floating Engraving Spindle, cut up to ¼” plastic per single pass
  • 3 HP Direct Drive Router Spindle, cut up to ¼” aluminum per single pass
  • 50K RPM Spindle designed for fast deep metal marking/engraving
  • Automatic Raster™ Braille Inserter Tool (Braille Beads for ADA Signs)
  • DACS (Digitally Aligned Cutting System)
  • Automatic Misting System for Cutting/ Engraving Metals

Why Vision Choose a Vision Routing System?

    We offer a solid line up of CNC Machines to choose from:
    Our systems are competitively priced with industry leading features!

    Manufacturing for over 33 years in the United States:
    We build reliable quality made CNC routers with a proven track record, you can be confident when buying a Vision CNC routing system!

    USA based knowledgeable tech support team:
    Based in our manufacturing building - machines, parts, technical engineers and more are readily available to assist in resolving any routing question or concerns.

    Join over 25,000 satisfied customers who own a Vision:
    With the most rugged and reliable, low maintenance CNC systems in the market, we have a large customer base that is continually growing! Many of our original routers are still in use today!

    Made In The USA:
    Vision has been Proudly keeping Americans employed in the USA for over 33 years!

    What can you make and do with a Vision 1624R Router?
    Work with Metal, Wood, and Plastic, Make Custom Signage, ADA Braille Signs, Electrical Tags, Name Plates, Legend Plates, Control Panels, Asset Management, Parts Serialization, Parts Marking, Furniture, Cut-Outs, Parts Fabrication and Much More!

We have a variety of CNC routers and engravers to choose from!
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What Customers Are Saying About Our Machines

"My Vision engraver has been truly been a work horse and a boon to my business. Having never had hands on experience before with this type of equipment, I found that the software was easy to learn and the engraver easy to operate. I have certainly put it through its paces. I have kept this machine going for hours/days on end and have never had a problem with its performance"
-- Teresa Russell, Visual deSigns

"We are a small sign shop for our company. Our Vision engraver has allowed us to support our project needs in ways our management could not have foreseen. We are able to make long lasting equipment tags as well as employee plaques. We think it is the best thing since sliced bread."
-- Don Powers, UMCDF

"Thank you so much, the new controller works great. Its great to do business with a company that backs their product. You truly understand customer service. Thanks again."
--Mike Wall, SignAge

"Because of its ease of use, we have been able to eliminate the need for 2 other older engraving machines. Additionally, the Vision System was lower in price compared to many others systems on the market. Before you do anything else - be sure to take a serious look at Vision. You won't be disappointed."
-- Don E, Engrave USA / Estes Machine Products, Inc

"The Vision machines can handle any type of sign that you need -- we never have to outsource anything. [The Automatic Raster Braille pen] probably saves us over two hours of labor a day."
-- Paul Spence, American Hotel Register, Vernon Hills, IL

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